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Visible Developer Features

Design and Develop Robust, 3-tier Business Applications

Model-Driven Approach Eases Migration Path for Legacy Systems

Visible Developer uses intuitive and familiar relational database concepts as the building blocks for you application model. Developers do not require specialized training in complex methodologies, such as UML, when modeling applications. Instead, Developer uses easily understood design-time objects: properties, methods, rules, views, look-up tables, etc., to express business requirements. The result is much more code (up to 90+% of the business and database access logic) and less expensive up-front training.

Import Existing Database Design
You can extract database schema information (tables, fields, data types, keys, etc.) from your existing data-bases, through an interface to Visible Analyst , or using an XML document interface. Popular database products, Access, SQL Server, Oracle, and others are supported.

Model-Based Business Application Design
Developer's model-driven approach to software development separates business requirements from technology. The model contains a simple, easily understood definition of business data and processing requirements. Implementation details are kept separate from the model. Developer's technology-neutral approach gives you greater flexibility and more implementation choices.

Code Generation

Software design and implementation details are contained in 'code patterns'. You design the business application and then select the code pattern. Developer generates code matching the requirements expressed in your model. Patterns exist for C#, Visual Basic.NET, Visual Basic 6 3-tier business objects, Visual Basic forms, SQL Server and Oracle stored procedures, ASP, and ASP.NET.

Synchronize After Changing Database Design
Business information requirements constantly change resulting in modifications to the database design. Adding a single field to a database table can result in many changes to an existing application. If one change is missed, an error is introduced. Developer streamlines maintenance tasks by synchronizing your application models with the new database design. Adjustments in design objects are made automatically for you. Just re-generate the business application and you are done!

Roundtrip Software Development
Developer's generated code is executable without any changes. Of course, you will want to add custom logic to implement rules specific to your business. Custom code is inserted between clearly marked edit points in each business rule. If you need to re-generate your application (after synchronizing the model with a new database design, for example), Developer preserves all of your custom code.

Take your Business Applications to the Web without re-writing a single line of code.

The ASP Code Pattern is included in the Standard and Corporate Editions of Visible Developer. It generates a web front end for business objects created by Visible Developer.

Visible Developer is a business application design and development tool. Starting with a relational database schema, you model your business application using familiar, intuitive design-time objects: properties, methods, views, rules, look-up tables, etc.. Visible Developer includes code patterns to transform your model into a 3-tier Visual Basic application with a traditional graphical user interface.

The ASP Code Pattern allows you to generate a web front end to the Visual Basic business objects generated by Visible Developer. You don't need to change the model or re-write a single line of code!


  • Web-enables an application created by Visible Developer
  • Reuses existing business logic - no changes to existing code
  • Quick development of intra/internet application
  • Great learning aide for developers new to 3-tier web applications
  • Browser independent - works with Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, or any browser that supports dynamic HTML and Java script
  • Look-and-feel similar to standard VB forms interface - users can easily adapt to either style
  • Customizable XSL templates make it easy to incorporate your own UI standards


  • Four styles: list, detail, master-detail, and search
  • Menu bar for easy navigation
  • Hyperlinks for page and record navigation
  • Ability to search and sort records
  • Supports standard controls (text box, combo, option buttons)
  • Supported for Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013
  • Supported by Netscape 4.2 and above
  • Supported by Internet Explorer 4 and above

Click here for ASP Code Pattern design information.

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