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Visible Developer

Create Both Traditional and .NET Applications Using One Tool. Visible Developer takes your business applications to the finish line faster.

Visible Developer™ gives you the flexibility and power to drive n-tier or web applications from data model to executable code in record time.

A software component design and code generator , Visible Developer generates 90+% of the business and database access logic for typical business applications. Import data models from existing databases or Visible Analyst into Visible Developer , then define your business objects using powerful and intuitive modeling features. Visible Developer's code patterns translate the model into robust, modular, well-documented code for VB6, ASP, C#, VB.NET and ASP.NET. You're not stuck with the "shell code" generated by UML-based tools.

Visible Developer's architecture and design allows you to leverage your investment and experience in familiar technologies. You do not need to train your staff in UML or similar methodologies. Development is based on existing relational database schema and the application design is created using concepts familiar to all business application developers.

3-Tier Applications

The generated application consists of a user interface (Visual Basic forms, web browser, etc.) and business objects. Each business object is packaged in two "design layers". The logical layer contains business rules and the persistence layer contains database access logic. Business objects are defined using schema information. Using Developer's interface, you select the related tables and fields included in the business object.

Database Schema

The starting point is schema information consisting of tables, fields, and relationships. Developer imports schema information directly from the physical RDBMS, from Visible Analyst, or an XML document. A synchronization feature allows you to update the Developer's repository when your physical database design changes.

Design Information

Developer provides a set of intuitive 'design-time' objects: properties, methods, rules, views, and look-up tables, used to refine the definition of your business object. Design information in your business object model is technology-neutral; implementation details are contained in code patterns. You can generate different versions of the same business object by applying different code patterns.

Code Pattern

A code pattern is the detailed blue print for a business object. Each code pattern is designed for a specific language, application architecture and implementation approach. You can extend code patterns to incorporate common logic used in your applications.

Application Code

Visible Developer is a Visual Studio.NET Add-in. The VB code pattern generates projects, classes, modules, and forms from the model and inserts them into the Visual Studio.NET development environment. You move directly from Developer to the IDE to add your custom logic and to refine the user interface.

Patterns currently exist for: