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Version Control

In order to keep your software development process under control, you need to know which source files were changed to rectify an issue. With Polaris, not only can you link an issue to specific source files under version control, but you can perform SCC provider actions such as check-in, check-out, and view file history. Polaris will work with any Microsoft SCCI-compliant provider such as Razor, SourceSafe, or CVS. By providing these essential versioning features inside Polaris, you promote acceptance of the your software development process because now your developers can perform their tasks from one easy to use environment.

Check Out Files

For each issue, you can choose files from your SCC provider to associate with the issue. Once linked simply, click the Check Out button on the Source Files tab, and start making your changes.

Check In Files

Once the appropriate changes have been completed, click the Check In button and complete the update process. By default, Polaris will add the issue information to the check-in comment.

Polaris can be configured so that files can only be checked in if an issue has achieved an approved state. This check can be performed from SourceSafe as well as Polaris.

Show History

Determine what changes have already been made to a source file by viewing its change history.

Show Differences

Use the SCC provider to show the differences between a file that is currently checked out and the version under source code control.

Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Addin

If you are using Visual SourceSafe as your source code control (SCC) provider, there is another level of integration between your source files and Polaris issues. If you use the Polaris Addin for SourceSafe, you can specify that source files can only be checked in if an issue has reached an approved state. Whenever a file checkin occurs, you will be prompted to select an issue or set of issues to associate with the selected source files that are being checked in.

If you don't select an approved issue, the checkin operation will fail.

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