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Applied Structured Systems Analysis

Segment Outline:

  • Understand and appreciate principles and practices of structured systems analysis
  • Demonstrate how a structured approach to systems development enhances the ability to satisfy information processing needs
  • Gain experience in using structured methods for systems analysis aided by Visible® Analyst
  • Put systems analysis in larger systems development life cycle framework
  • Review strategic planning and analysis to precede analysis at the system or project level
  • Review rough draft system model components
    • Statement of Purpose
    • External Event List
    • Context Diagram
    • Preliminary Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)
    • Preliminary State Transition Diagrams (STD)
  • Review complete system model components
    • Statement of Purpose
    • External Event List
    • Logical Data Model
    • Logical Process Model
    • Data Dictionary
  • Practice creating rough draft and complete model components

This video is sold as 4 segments and is comprised of the following sessions:

Introduction to Software Engineering: 1 Hour 26 Minutes and 50 Seconds

Introduction to Data Modeling: 44 Minutes and 32 Seconds

Introduction to Entity State Modeling: 23 Minutes and 23 Seconds

Introduction to Process Modeling: 14 Minutes and 14 Seconds

Process Model - Heuristics: 3 Hours 43 Minutes and 47 Seconds

Systems Implementation Model: 20 Minutes and 25 Seconds

Tech Design Overview: 13 Minutes and 57 Seconds

Practical Guidelines: 22 Minutes and 02 Seconds

Click on the link below to view a short demonstration of the introductory section of the "Structured Analysis Software Engineering Methodology" video.

Contact Us for more information and licensing options.

Demonstration Video

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