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Razor Product Feature Matrix

Razor© & IssueWeaver™ (Software Configuration Management)
Problem Tracking

Issues/IssueWeaver is the problem/error tracking tool within Razor.

Can Issues/IssueWeaver to be tailored to the individual customer?

Can you create user defined form fields?

Can you enable and disable user-defined fields at specific times?

Can you group people into established roles?

Can you control access to operations for individuals or roles?

Does Razor allows for customized scripts to be attached to specific actions such as sending email notifications, logging information, verifying output, etc?

Does Razor allow for attaching commands to client toolbars and buttons?

Does Razor allow for extended state control?

Can Issues be associated to files in Versions upon file introduction, check in, and check out?

Can the Issues form be defined and designed to include an unlimited number of custom fields?

Can the Issues Text Panes support an unlimited number of characters?

Can files be attached directly to individual Issues?

Can change requests be imported from other bug tracking software?

Version Control

Versions is the file control/source code control tool within Razor.

Does Versions allow you to introduce and house any file type?

Does Versions provide you with the ability to establish a software change workflow and approval process based on your needs?

Does the Versions GUI provides identification of who currently has a file checked-out?

Can files can be diffed in Versions?

Can files can be promoted?

Can ASCII type files can be viewed directly in the Versions tool?

Can files can be reverted to a prior version?

Are there any limitations on the number of files that can be introduced and housed within Razor? As long as there are enough server resources available to handle the load?

Can Issues can be associated for example, when files are introduced, checked out, or checked in?

Does Razor provide remote access, file branching, file merging, and support for multiple baselines?

Does Razor use the ‘sandbox' approach to file control? *Razor uses the individual checkout/checkin method to do file control. The sandbox approach may be somewhat achieved by use of custom scripts.

Does Razor rely upon exclusive file locking, merging, and branching techniques.

Baseline Management

Threads is the baseline management tool within Razor.


Can Threads be given user defined titles?

Are individual versions of each Thread maintained?

Is there a capability to identify all baseline (thread) entities?

Can Threads can be built based upon associated Issues?

Can Projects (a collection of threads or a thread of threads) easily be created?

Can Threads can be extracted to an external directory?

Can Projects (a collection of threads or a thread of threads) be extracted to an external directory?

Can prior versions of Threads be extracted?

Can Threads can be reverted to a previous version at any time?


General Razor Information

Data entry screens are customizable.

Help functions are customizable.

Unlimited number of databases running on multiple platforms.

Razor contains an integrated Report Generator.

Supports user groups and roles.

Razor is a multi-platform tool.

Supports heterogeneous environments.

Does not require the purchase of additional software.

Can be used out of the box, immediately following installation.

Razor is easy to administer.

Razor supports the Microsoft Source Code Control API.

GUI's are very intuitive, user friendly and easy to use.

Ability to tailor view and filter upon specific criteria.

Web access to problem tracking tool via IssueWeaver.

Ability to limit tool access based upon user, group or role.

Users can be notified of changes via e-mail.

Support for expansion of RCS and SCCS keywords.

History/audit trail for all items in database maintained.

Public training is available.

On-site, custom training is available.

Custom consulting and support is available.

Tool provides all necessary database architecture.

Ability to support all CM theories/process/life cycles.

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