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IssueWeaver: Web Access to Razor

IssueWeaver provides a customizable, Web-based interface to Razor's issues database. With IssueWeaver, issues can be submitted, reviewed, and updated from any location, and from any platform that can support a Web browser including UNIX machines, PCs, and Macs. Displays are completely customizable to provide your organization with the most flexibility.

Download IsssueWeaver Files and Razor Database

Instructions for setting up Issue Weaver (IW)


  • Familiar, web browser interface for everyone.
  • Platform independence (any platform that supports a Web browser and HTML 2.0 or greater).
  • Customizable issues forms.
  • Full & controlled access to Razor issues databases
  • User validation (optionally without requiring login accounts)

IssueWeaver works with (at least) the following Web servers:

  • NCSA
  • CERN (W3C)
  • Apache
  • Netscape

Feel free to download the manual to read about IssueWeaver in detail.

So, pause for a moment...

Think of the possibilities here.
You could use this for all sorts of things .
You're limited only by your creativity.

And we'll be happy to answer your questions and to assist you in setting up an effective and efficient software configuration management solution.


Milimax Web Solutions
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