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An Integrated CM/PT Solution

Visible Systems offers Razor © , an integrated tool suite which offers both configuration management and problem tracking, and at a very aggressive price

The Issues program could be considered the heart of the Razor package. It's a highly configurable problem tracking system; locally defined problem forms can use text fields, radio buttons, check boxes, choices etc, for whatever information is important to your work .

Through the Versions program, Razor provides an intuitive and insightful window interface to all of the standard version control needs; checking files in/out for edit, parallel development, reporting changes, viewing differences, browsing, etc.

Your final product is actually the culmination and integration of innumerable changes spread across a wide number of files. The Threads program provides an easy mechanism for managing all of this. With this tool, users and teams easily manage the releases they're generating.

Through a simple GUI/mouse maneuver, users are able to easily relate their check-in, check-out, and thread activities directly to problem reports in the system. It is this linkage that provides the greatest power of the package. Both managers and engineers have direct insight into not only the changes that are being made but also the issues which drive them.

There is, of course, nothing forcing you to use the tools this way. You're free to use the problem tracking tool (Issues) or file version control/build management tools (Versions & Threads) all by themselves.

If what you've seen above looks interesting, you may want to review Razor's specifications. It will give you a better insight into some of Razor's approaches and capabilities.

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