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Installing Razor

1. DOWNLOAD THE APPROPRIATE COPY OF RAZOR. NOTE: Win 2000, XP Pro, Vista and Win 7 can only be used as clients for RazorPC. The DB's and the server must be installed on Windows 2000 or 2003 32-bit.

2. If installing both server and client portions of Razor, you must meet the following requirements:

3. After downloading, check your system for the presence of a POSIX subsystem by going into the CMD prompt (Start->Run, type in “cmd” and press enter). At the prompt, type in “posix” and hit enter. If POSIX is present you should get output saying “posix: command missing”. This means that POSIX is present and not disabled.

4. Make sure that the machine where Razor will be installed has a NIC card and is connected to a network. To verify this, run “ipconfig” at the cmd prompt. Your output should be the Ethernet adapter number, your IP address, subnet mask, and your default gateway.

5. If you are installing on a system that did not have a Razor installation in the past, or upgrading your previous installation that was setup successfully, proceed with the install process. If you attempted to uninstall a previous installation and were not successful, please contact Razor_Support for the proper uninstall instructions.

6. Once you have installed Razor by double-clicking on the Razor exe and choosing the appropriate parameters, reboot the machine.

7. Again, log in again as Administrator. Do not log in as a user with administrative privileges. This is very important.

8. Through the Windows Explorer, navigate to your TowerConcepts directory and find a file called “service.ini”. Open the file and verify that it contains the names of three services: Razor License Manager, Razor Syslog Manager, and Razor Inetd.


Once you have installed Razor following the parameters outlined in the above section, here's how to correctly install a Razor database.

1. In the Razor Admin GUI, go to Database/New.

2. Database Location: Should be similar to D:\TowerConcepts\

3. File Group name: Enter a name for a file versions control group if you plan to use the Versions tool.

4. User: EXACTLY the SAME as the login ID you used to get on your computer.

5. Password: EXACTLY the SAME as the password you used to login to your computer.

6. Confirm Password: Confirm above password.

-Now a database will have been created in the right area for Razor to gain access to.

-You should see its service added to the Service Panel. If not, reboot again.

-To start the new database, go to the Razor Admin GUI, start the LM and then enter the database's path correctly. Choose start.


License keys are subject to strict syntax. Even the smallest errors will result in key rejection. You can only use license keys for the machine they were requested for. If you try installing them on a different machine, the keys will not take.

All demo users must enter "DEMO" for their Razor ID when entering their license keys.

1. Go to the Razor Admin GUI (Start/Programs/Razor/Razor Admin).

2. Enter keys by going to the License Manager pull down menu and choose Keys.

3. In the resulting GUI, enter your license keys. Make sure you enter “DEMO” in the ID field.

*Troubleshooting the License Manager*

1. If the license manager does not start, go to your Services menu and locate the service called Razor License Manager. Double click on it and check the checkbox that says “This Account.” Then, click on the small browse button to the right of the checkbox and find the Administrator account. Choose the account and input the password for Administrator twice. Click OK and try to start the service.

2. If the service does not start, go to a Razor Csh prompt (Start->Programs->Razor->Razor csh). Wait for the prompt. Change directories (cd) to the TowerConcepts directory and input “razor_lm up”. If this starts the License Manager, it means that the services did not properly register with windows.

In the event that the License Manager does not start, it should give you a specific reason. Please reference the Troubleshooting guide. Should you have further questions, please contact Razor_support


A problem that users sometimes run into when first using Razor follows: "The Host/Port you are trying to connect to does not appear to be running the RAZOR license server program.

Please contact your RAZOR Administrator."

This type of error is generally related to incorrect path statements. Here's how paths should look.

In the Razor Admin GUI, the path should be formatted as such...

D:\TowerConcepts\Razor\ \RAZOR_UNIVERSE *Note- Backslashes, capital drive letter, syntax.

In the Issues/Versions/Threads log in screen on the Razor Desktop, the path should look like this...

//D/TowerConcepts/Razor/ /RAZOR_UNIVERSE *Note- forward slashes, capital drive letter, no colon, syntax.


We recommend reviewing our online Razor FAQs . I think you'll find that they answer some of Razor's more common questions.


If you have any questions at anytime during the installation process, please contact Razor support at:


Telephone: +1 (617)-902-0767