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Previous Press Releases

Visible Systems Corporation ( and John Wiley and Sons (Wiley) jointly introduce the idea of “Designing the Future of IT” with a new educational offering. (8/14/2013)

University of Newcastle Adopts Visible Analyst for Campus-wide Use (4/12/2010)

Visible Releases Visible Analyst VA2009  (12/21/2009)

Visible Wins Indian CIITE Award  (12/08/2009)

UML 2.1 support added to Visible Analyst Enterprise Architecture Modeling Tool  (9/8/2009)

Visible Releases Razor v5.3 (12/23/2008)

Visible and Cengage Learning Join Forces Introduce New Textbooks/Workbooks bundled with Visible Analyst (12/01/2008)

Visible and Wiley Join Forces Introduce New Textbooks/Workbooks bundled with Visible Analyst (10/06/2008)

Razor © Release 5.2: Visible includes Remote Command Line, Apple Platform and other Enterprise-wide functionality in the newest release of Razor (9/14/2007)

Visible© Analyst Workbench to Support OMG's Business Process Management (BPM) Standard (6/18/2007)

Razor © Release 5.1: Better Management of the Software Development Lifecycle Process (1/9/2006)

Rapid Enterprise Compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley IT and Business Governance Requirements (6/4/04)

The Go To Group, Inc. allies with Visible Systems, Inc. to provide comprehensive solutions for configuration management, product data management, workflow automation, design and development tools. (5/25/04)

Visible Application Lifecycle Management Suite enables full application life cycle support, from design through deployment, in building applications with Visual Studio .NET 2003 (5/24/04)

Sarbanes-Oxley Mandate for Corporate Accountability Includes IT Controls (4/20/04)

Visible Systems Introduces Visible Polaris™, the Newest Application Performance and Availability Solution for the Entire Application Lifecycle (3/16/04)

Zachman Enterprise Educational Edition - This product is designed to raise industry awareness of technology associated with building large, unified enterprise systems (3/16/04)

Visible Systems Appoints Vice President of Business Development for all its Model Driven Architecture solutions (2/26/04)

Visible Systems Appoints Vice President of Business Development (1/26/04)

Visible Product Introduces Framework Engineering Components that Support all 30 Zachman Cells and also Help to Deploy C4ISR Technology (12/1/03)

Visible Systems Announces Extension of Lockheed Martin EPI Agreement (11/18/03)

Visible Product Accelerates Transition of Legacy Applications and Development of New Applications over to Microsoft .NET (10/27/03)

Razor Software Configuration Management moves towards more integrated requirements tracking, point of reference tracability and source document control. (10/27/03)

Visible Announces Support for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 (4/24/03)

Razor Software CM System Provides Support for Microsoft .NET and is Accepted into IBM Tools Network Products (3/12/03)

Visible Product Accelerates Development of Applications for Microsoft .NET (2/11/03)

Visible Developer 3.0 Accelerates Development of Microsoft .NET Applications (10/21/02)

New Capability Gives Visible Analyst 7.6 the Edge in Business Driven, Model-Based Software Development (6/3/02)

Visible Systems Announces Agreement with OutSell International (4/25/02)

Visible Systems Acquires Product Data Management Solution to Provide Full Configuration Control over both Hardware and Software Components (4/17/02)

Visible Establishes Dedicated Sales Office in United Kingdom (3/18/02)

Visible Offers Free Enterprise-wide Upgrade to ERwin Users (1/15/02)

Aligning Software Configuration Tool And Process Is A Must For Early Problem Detection (1/15/02)

Razor Tour Culminates in Newport, Rhode Island (12/17/01)

New ASP Code Pattern Gives VB Applications A Web Interface (12/3/01)

Visible Releases Spanish Version of Visible Analyst (10/23/01)

Visible Developer 2.6 Adds Interface to Visible Analyst (10/23/01)

Razor Version 4.3 Now Available (10/23/01)

Visible Systems Acquires 3tSoftware (1/9/01)

Visible Unveils New Version of Model-Based Code Generation Product (1/9/01)

Visible's Enhanced Business Template Model Can Save Companies Time and Money in Building Data Warehouses, Corporate Portals, and Other Strategic Information Systems

Razor 4.2 Supports Windows 2000 and Adds GUI Administration Tool, Graphical Reports (11/8/00)

Visible Systems to be Featured on ABC Networks (10/25/00)

New Visible Analyst 7.5 Supports UML, XML, Round-Trip, and Structured Software Engineering in One Integrated Toolset (8/28/00)

Visible Leverages XML and eXcelon® to provide unified enterprise solutions (2/4/00)

Lockheed Martin Selects Razor - Again! (10/19/99)

Visible, Wiley Join Forces (10/8/99)

Visible Partners with Softlab (9/10/99)

Industry News

Inforworld: .Net Developers Get New Tools (10/23/02)

SD Times: ASP Patterns Give Web Interface To Visual Basic Applications (1/15/02)

Software Magazine: Visible Increasing Visibility with VB Generator Buy (1/17/01)


Product Reviews

DM Review: Visible Developer Generates 3-Tier Enterprise from Model Repository (July 2001)

DM Review: AC Inc Designs Enterprise Data Models with Visible Advantage (June 2000)

Boeing's McDonnell Aircraft and Missile Systems unit selects Razor as standard tool for CM. (April 1998)

HP Professional: Code Countdown - NASA Selects Razor For New Shuttle Launch Processing System (September 1997)


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